10 Facts about termites that you need to know

As a customary mortgage holder who needs aptitude in science particularly bug issues, recognizing the contrast amongst termites and ants is a troublesome assignment. Termites have a thick abdomen, though ants have a thin midsection. Receiving wire ants are bent out, while the termite radio wire is straightforward. All termite species have a similar wing size, while the ants never have a similar size and shape with each other. Not just that, their propensities are diverse as well. Ants live in water to survive and eat dead creepy crawlies, grains, natural product, while termites need to eat wood no less than 24 hours every day! This is a critical contrast in light of the fact that the house we live in is made of wood and the structure of our homes or home materials is the objective of termites to wind up noticeably their sustenance. Meanwhile, you can likewise contact the best company of termite exterminator close to you, particularly on the off chance that you have tons of wooden materials and furniture in your home.

Ants have a tendency to erect their homes outwardly, behind a platform (the territory between floors with dividers), amongst drawers, and in the dirt of plants developing in a pot, despite what might be expected, living terminals colonizing underground, which at any rate comprise of 2 million of termites.

Here are the 10 facts about termites:

Almost all termite species of worker caste and soldiers are blind. They rely on smell to search for food sources, then leave a trail of aromas behind them to be followed by other termites. Only the reproductive termites have the vision to search for new nests and pairs.

Termites communicate using vibrations. To warn of the danger, they will hit their heads against the structure of the building and cause a thrill to keep the termites wary of their enemies.

They do not sleep! They work 24 hours, 7 days every day. To eat, build and mate.

It’s interesting, do you know, Queen termites are regarded as delicious food in some parts of the world ?.

Termites have wings. This is the reason why often people mistakenly recognize them and are considered white ants because of loose wings and similar shapes.

Termites do not like light prefers dark and humid environments such as in or under the ground
Termites digest cellulosic substances present in wood with the help of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Termites Macros can build big mounds on the ground, even almost as tall as a house!
Termites have the same ancestors as cockroaches!

They lived 130 million years ago! They have been around the world for a long time!