General Facilities In Tangerang City

Facilities for a pedestrian that is practically very less in South Tangerang City cause the lazy population to walk. Although the problem is also because of the climate in South Tangerang City which is not possible to be able to empower on foot to be the option to travel, with optimization of pedestrian facilities this can be possible. The government may consider building a viable pedestrian facility, for example by widening sidewalks or planting trees around the road to shelter the pedestrians themselves. So with the planting of trees evenly at various points in South Tangerang City can also align the weather climate in South Tangerang City itself becomes more beautiful and cool. Basically, South Tangerang City is holding a development and this you can know from

In addition, cross-road supporter means such as zebra cross or traffic light for pedestrians. It can be seen from the lives of Westerners whose mobility is on average on foot or by bicycle. Why can not this be applied in Indonesia or South Tangerang City? Everything back again on self-awareness of the community itself wants how to contribute to building a better South Tangerang City again. Any efforts can be made to advance the South Tangerang City, but what if this effort is not balanced with the willingness of the community in realizing the beautiful, peaceful and peaceful of South Tangerang City.