The Facts Why Email Marketing Is Much Better Than Other Methods

1. The Most Effective Way
In fact, email marketing remains the most effective model to increase your sales and business turnover. Email marketing is ultimately able to turn prospects into customers effectively and efficiently. It will also be more effective if you hire the best and trusty email marketing services like solo ads.

2. The Spam
The bad reputation of email marketing with spam messages has made many people antipathy and reluctant to do so. But it turns out that people still give a good response to emails sent the right way.

3. The Best ROI
According to data from the Direct Marketing Association, ROI from email marketing is at 4,300%. Exact Target mentions if every dollar spent on email marketing will give reciprocity of $ 44.25.

4. The Cheapest
Compared to other marketing methods, email marketing remains the cheapest, even when the number of lists has been enormously inflated. Email marketing can be run by almost all businessmen, from small-scale, medium to even giant.

5. The Greatest
According to Jeff Bulas, there are at least 3.6 billion people who have emails by 2013 and are predicted to reach 4.3 billion email owners in 2016. All account owners in social media must have email. Instead, all email owners do not have to have an account on social media.