The inconvenient yet very effective diet types

Choosing a diet which is convenient is loved by many people. However, there are others who prefer the types of diet with the higher level of efficiency, although they may have to feel more inconveniences during the process. We’d like to share with you the info about those types of diets. However, you may also want to consume a great supplement like green garcinia CA as well, so you will have a natural way to accelerate your diet progress.

Low Fat Diet

The next effective type of diet is a low-fat diet. Diet does not mean not eating foods that contain fat though. In fact, to stay energized, you should consume about 35 percent of total fat calories. On a low-fat diet, you should avoid consuming foods containing saturated fats like fried foods. Foods that contain unsaturated fats like nuts and fish you can consume while undergoing this diet.

In addition, low fat or low-fat products are now widely on the market can also be one of the foods of choice. You can replace milk, sugar and other food products or drinks with healthy fruits.

Diet Eating Without Flavor

This flavorless diet is a fairly well-known diet method a few years ago, many women managed to lose weight this way. Usually, all diet menu without taste cooked by way of boiled, without using any spices. Therefore this diet is said to be a diet without eating flavor. The purpose of this diet is to make appetite down because the food is consumed so much less than the previous days. The process of cooking that is not fried will reduce the calories in the food. As a result, the weight will go down drastically.

Ketofastosis Diet

How To Diet Ketofastosis is a new type of diet developed based on the type of ketogenic diet method? But unlike the type of ketogenic diet, the diet of this diet there are some ingredients that you must consume while running it. Lots of benefits that you get from a diet that one is starting from health, increasing body stamina and ideal slim body. And for those of you who do not know about this diet, this diet is a combined diet method of ketogenic and Ketofastosis. As you know if ketogenic uses a diet pattern with low carbohydrate and high-fat diet and medium protein. Ketofastosis is fasting on ketosis which means fasting when you have ketosis phase. The duration of fasting is about 6- 12 hours. However, you should also take note of your Ketofastosis Diet Menu.