Signs that Your Financial Are Unhealthy

You must have read some articles about finance, right? But already so often, whether you already practice it or just reading? You need to apply it to your finances healthy. But if you are in need of payday loans, you can visit our website. In order for you to easily recognize the unhealthy financial condition, here are some signs.

– Do not Have Savings
When you already have an asset, eg home, car and even your gadget, and it turns out everything is still a credit, you need to consider again the amount of the installment of your income. You can have an expense for the installment, is there an allocation for your savings? If not at all it means you have the first unhealthy financial mark. Yes, savings are the basic things you should be able to meet, so you can use them when necessary, not borrow and owe back.

– No Emergency Fund
If you do not have savings, then you probably do not have an emergency fund yet. Have you often read and heard the emergency fund function is not it? Or if you are not familiar, I will try to explain again very simple. Nowadays gadgets are very important to all of us, even all job data can be within your grasp. We never know what will happen, but while traveling, your gadget falls, breaks down, maybe even disappears. What do you do when that happens? Service or buy new, both still require a fee, and this is unimaginable beforehand so it must be out of cost again.

– No Investment
Regardless of your background, you must have a financial goal, from getting married, buying a house, Umroh worship, holidays to Maldives to retire quietly. But if you have not formed the savings and emergency funds as above, then you also must miss the opportunity to invest. You are still focused on living right now without thinking about life in the future. We can not turn a blind eye to our future needs as well and of course, we should also enjoy life, for now, we also prepare for the future. How to prepare for the necessities of life in the future, of course by investing.