Function of the Human Immune System

The process of the human immune system is to protect the body against diseases or foreign objects that potentially interfere with and damage others. When it works properly, the immune system can identify various threats, including viruses, bacteria, and parasites, and differentiate them from the body’s own healthy tissues. Therefore to maintain your immune system, it would be better if you regularly consume Soman and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Find out the truth by visiting

If the immune system is working properly, the system will protect the body against bacterial and viral infections, and destroy cancer cells and other foreign substances in the body.

Conversely, if the immune system weakens, then its ability to protect the body is also reduced, causing pathogens, including viruses that cause fever and flu, can develop in the body. The immune system also provides monitoring of the growth of tumor cells. Inhibition of immune system mechanisms has been reported to increase the risk of some cancers.

The immune system’s own function is to protect the body from attacking foreign bodies or disease seeds that enter the body, eliminating dead or damaged cell tissues (debris cells) for tissue repair, recognizing and eliminating abnormal cells, maintaining a homeostatic balance in the body.