Garbage in the Sea Can Cause Many Losses

Trash interferes with surfing and diving sports activities. Yes, the surfers disrupted its activities due to the increasing number of sea contaminated garbage so it is increasingly difficult to find beaches that high waves and clean of garbage. The dispenser complains about the garbage that covers the underwater beauty. Gorgeous coral reefs should be disturbed by the garbage that is around and even caught in the coral reefs. That is why you need to visit

The sea that has been contaminated with garbage will cause illness. If the sea is contaminated with garbage, then viruses, bacteria, and parasites will live in it. This can cause illness for people swimming in the sea. Diseases that can be caused by contaminated seawater are diarrhea, nasal infections, ears, and eyes and skin disorders. Rubbish in the sea can also hinder the work of ship propellers under the sea. Inhibition of ship propeller work can also damage the system and endanger the steering handle. Garbage can also cause the process of taking sea water into the ship and the ship evaporator becomes obstructed.