Basic SEO mistakes to avoid

Doing SEO project isn’t a simple task. That’s why it would be better to hire Scott Keever Seo professional to ensure everything will go right. Unfortunately, some people make the mistakes or even blunders when it comes to optimizing website and search engine. The following are common mistakes you may not make.

– Publish Irrelevant Content

Irrelevant content or articles will be bad for SEO. Sadly to say, irrelevant content will destroy your other content. All search engines will ignore irrelevant content, of course, this is very bad in the eyes of search engines.

– Buying Link

Buying links is a big mistake to build so. Many websites sell links out there instead of giving backlinks to your site. But certainly, this practice is not liked by Google. In fact, this is very strange if this is spam. Important to know that quality backlinks also play the great role in successful search engine optimization work.