Tips for packing your items safely and neatly

As you may aware, moving your home can be quite a complicated thing to do, especially if it’s the first time for you and your family. So that’s why knowing the tips for packing your items safely and neatly, especially for the ones that can be broken easily is a must. Aside from that, you probably also need to hire the trusted moving companies like We Like To Move It, Move It!! LLC.

Here are tips on packing a reliable item:

Putting things first is rare or unused (for example books, clothes, cooking utensils etc, which are rarely used). Get rid of items that are no longer needed. If it is bad, it can be discarded. If it is still good, it can be donated (eg: a narrow shirt can be fitted to the maid). If necessary, selling furniture that is not possible to move (eg glass cabinets, crockery etc.).

Filling boxes according to the type of goods (eg: box of children’s clothing, toiletries, books, etc.). Label and number in each box, then record the contents in the notebook (eg: due no.1 child clothing, due no.2 book content, etc.). The number labels are affixed to the four sides of the box and above the box. The goal: in the stacked state, we will be easy to find the number box, simplify the process of delivery of goods, and find out how many boxes are transported. Also when arriving at a new home, it will be easier for us to disassemble the box which will fit the items that will be used first.

Close the box with duct tape neatly and strongly. Use a brown duct tape (which is less clear color sticky in my opinion). Base casual us tightly (see photo). Close the box tightly as above.

Marks the boxes containing electronic and crockery items. We recommend using a striking color. For example, a red marker, so that clearly visible. Mark: “FRAGILE!” For tv and crockery. Mark: “TREAT CAUTIOUSLY!” To be transported carefully. Mark: “UP!” Above the box, so that the boxes are not overturned.