Tips on Selecting Projector as Your Needs

Knowledge of projector types is very important to know before you hire a projector. Because this information will help you to get a projector that suit your needs and budget. Well if you are currently planning to host an event and you need a projector to support the event then now you can easily get it at fuar hostesi. But before it will be better if you know the types of LCD below!

1. CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)
The CRT projector is a large projector device consisting of three lenses. Each of these lenses represents the base color. These three lenses are combined with a magnifying lens of light that can project a color image onto a large screen contained in a dark room. With the right combination of video circuits, CRT sizes and lens combinations, a CRT projector can produce high resolution images.

2. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
This LCD type projector produces light from three small LCD panels. The LCD projector has a larger size of the DLP projector type but is smaller than the CRT projector type. LCD has several advantages to display video.

3. DLP (Digital Light Processing)
DLP projectors usually have one chip with small, rotating lenses. Light is emitted through the chip and reflected through a wheel. The projectors are better if compared to LCD and CRT. But this type of projector has a worse color and contrast.
A number of advantages DLP projectors make this projector are not only suitable for business but also for home theater purposes. Movies will be digitally converted and stored on a hard drive or optical disc. Another advantage that DLP projectors have is good color accuracy, no screen door effect that appears on LCD projectors, requires less power and has high contrast and brightness.